Jewelry by Christianson


I am a former (32 years) art teacher who has been designing, fabricating and marketing my jewelry since 1972. I constantly strive to sharpen my designing and metalsmithing skills in order to provide my customers with jewelry that is both visually pleasing and expertly handcrafted. My designs range from recognizable abstractions of nature and natural objects to fun and interesting arrangements of both organic and geometric shapes. These designs combined with wide variety of metal working techniques and materials (such as precious and semi-precious stones, wood, glass, shell, found objects, etc.) result in endless jewelry possibilities. These "endless possibilities" are what continue to fuel my passion to create distinctively unique jewelry.

Custom Piercing Technique

Many of my pendants and earrings incorporate a very delicate and labor intensive technique called piercing. This process involves piercing (cutting out open spaces in the metal) to reveal the design. After attaching my original design to the metal I drill a small hole in each of the areas that need to be removed (often 50 or more). A small thread sized saw blade is guided through each hole and each area is individually sawed out BY HAND until the entire design is revealed. The patience and skill this requires is one example of what makes my work so unique.

Richard Christianson