Jewelry by Christianson

A Unique Approach

Richard Christianson is a custom jeweler, creating handcrafted jewelry that features landscape scenes and inspirations from nature. His techniques of metalworking and metal piercing allow for fine details to be placed in each of
his pieces.

His custom pendants, earrings and rings are frequently commissioned as personalized gifts, memorial tributes, or remembrances of special occasions. Some customers choose to have their initials cleverly manipulated and abstracted into a one-of-a-kind pendant.

Central Florida Custom Jewelry

Richard Christianson's custom jewelry combines sterling silver or gold with semi-precious stones, exotic woods and iridescent shells. Many customers choose designs that feature his landscape scenes and other inspirations from nature. Christianson's expertise in piercing metal combined with other metalworking techniques allows him to achieve the remarkably fine details in his work.

Featured Gallery Piece

Steriling Silver/Blue Topaz Pendant

Examples of Custom Jewelry

  • Steriling Silver/Blue Topaz Pendant
  • Sterling Silver Paua Shell Pendant
  • Sterling and Amythest Earrings
  • Sterling Silver/Blue Topaz/Petrified Palm Wood Pendant
  • Sterling Silver/Paua Shell Pendant
  • Sterling Silver/Onyx/matching stone Earrings
  • Sterling Silver/Golden Moonstone/Agate Pendant
  • Sterling Silver/Paua Shell Pendant
  • Gold Wedding Rings
  • Sterling Silver Pendant
  • Sterling Silver Pendant
  • Sterling Silver/Rhodochrosite/Onyx Pendant